Ohio Apples to Apples

What is Energt Choice?

As you shop for different products and services, you might also be able to search for an energy supplier. With selection, energy customers from big manufacturers to residential homeowners are able to search for energy choices from a varied group of competitive providers licensed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). As more suppliers are providing their services in your town, you have the opportunity to choose the company that supplies the generation of your energy and supplies the natural gas.

Dayton Power & Light

24 Month Electricity Plan

Duke Energy

36 Month Home Power Plan

Compare Ohio Electricity Rates

Over 4.2 million households and a quarter million companies in Ohio have already switched electricity suppliers, occasionally saving up to 23%. Together with the state’s energy deregulation, Ohioans can take control of their invoices and purchase electricity to match their requirements. But in a recent almost half of Ohio respondents said they have”no clue” what energy deregulation means.

Much Bill, Lower Rate

The local utility companies (AEP, Ohio Edison, Dayton Power & Light, Cleveland Illuminating, Duke Energy, Toledo Edison) continue to provide power and send you a monthly electrical bill even when you opt for a competitive provider. If you don’t select a provider, you cover a default rate called the Price to Compare.

Ohio Choice Equals Lower Prices

If competitive prices are under your usefulness’s Price to Compare, then you are going to save yourself money on your electrical bill. Find low prices being offered on your utility area under.

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